Don’t Submit that Appeal Letter YET | 4 Important Reasons You’ll Need an Amazon Suspension Appeal Service

ou’re living through every seller’s nightmare: a “Notice of Suspension” from Amazon. Being suspended means you can’t operate, no operations means no profit, and all the while your inventory’s gathering dust in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, costing you lots of dollars without any return.

Ok, so you’ve been suspended. Yikes!

You’re living through every seller’s nightmare: a “Notice of Suspension” from Amazon. Being suspended means you can’t operate, no operations means no profit, and all the while your inventory’s gathering dust in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, costing you lots of dollars without any return.

As your instincts kick in,  your impulses will push you to submit an appeal letter ASAP. You will promptly write a heartfelt letter filled with curses and demands, calling out Amazon to reinstate your seller’s privileges at the very moment.

Weeks pass, and you will fervently wait only to get a denial letter from Amazon. Profits and prospects will suddenly go down the drain.

While many sellers bend over backwards to master every aspect of Amazon–from choosing a winning product and optimizing their listings to conducting successful marketing campaigns–many are stumped when it comes to the many rules and regulations Amazon sellers are expected to follow. More often than not, this negligence leads to unexpected suspensions.

How long does an Amazon appeal take?

Amazon gives you 17 days to respond to their Notice of Suspension. Afterwards, it takes them an estimated 48 hours to give you feedback, although this can sometimes take longer.

On forums, some users reported waiting as long as 30 to 60 days for Amazon to reply. This, of course, depends hugely on the quality of your appeal and how busy Amazon is at the moment–which should be most of the time, considering they’re handling thousands of appeals daily.

This is where an Amazon suspension appeal servicecomes in. By outsourcing this part of your business, you can give 100% of your focus on growing your business without stressing about the policies or rules you may have inadvertently violated. Our holistic approach towards securing your account’s safety starts right from the beginning, all the way from account creation and verification to reinstating your suspended account.

While there are various reasons why hiring an Amazon reinstatement service would benefit your business greatly, these four stand out the most:

  1. We’ll do the dirty work

An Amazon reinstatement appeal letter is your only shot at getting your account back, apart from desperately spamming Jeff Bezos’ email address. You don’t want any of that pressure messing up your appeal process, so take a breather while we take the reins and write an effective appeal letter Amazon won’t be able to resist.

Here are a few important facts to remember when writing an appeal letter, just in case you choose to DIY it:

  • Don’t attack Amazon 

Don’t write a letter with a slurry of threats and demands that’ll only dig your grave deeper. Amazon’s staff are doing the best they can to ensure policies are enforced to make the market a safer environment. If you disagree with their rules, your best bet would be  to set up shop somewhere else.

  • Take full responsibility

You need to own up to everything you did otherwise you’re going nowhere. You can also take this opportunity to explain your side of the story if you think you were falsely accused of the said violation.

  • Give a detailed Plan of Action (POA)

This is where you provide them with a detailed, step-by-step list of all of the measures you’re going to take to solve the root problem, as well as what you’ll employ to prevent future occurrences.

Remember, Amazon wants only the best experiences for their customers, so your appeal letter needs to embody this. With an Amazon reinstatement service, you can leverage years of experience and expertise in handling suspensions. We know a thing or two (or ten) about how to write the most effective appeal letter that will get your account reinstated in no time. For more details on appeal letters, click this link.

  1. We bring out the best in you

Amazon has a set of metrics they use to measure the health and performance of a seller’s account. These are just a few of the metrics a seller must aim for:

  • Late shipment rate below 4%
  • Order defect rate below 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate below 2.5%

Sellers need to keep tabs on these metrics to ensure they have a good standing with Amazon. With our expert services, not only will we help push your rates to a safe level, we also make sure your account performance is par excellence. 

  1. We’ll be your guide through the Amazon Jungle

Most sellers are proficient in their own right but have no clue about Amazon’s policies. Amazon’s suspensions due to policy violations are oftentimes vague. Here are a few common reasons:

  • Multiple Accounts
  • ASIN Creation/Variation
  • Review Manipulation
  • Forged or Manipulated Documentation
  • Selling Restricted/Prohibited Items

The list is quite a handful and may prove bothersome to those who want to focus on innovating and improving their products. With our help, you can do exactly that. Our team of experts will conduct a deep analysis and review of your account to identify and correct the issue, draft a detailed Plan of Action (POA), and set up preventive measures for future incidents. More details on Amazon’s policies can be seen here.

  1. We’ll  be your “big brother”

Our awesome team is composed of prolific Amazon suspension lawyers and professionals who are more than capable of defending your account from any elements that may compromise the safety and survival of your business. A few of these risks are as follows:

  • False complaints

A lot of malicious sellers employ various tactics to throw their neighbors under the bus. These are  (but not limited to) false reviews, reports, and accusations that will tarnish your business’ good name. You certainly don’t want these issues to involve your growing business as customers are just getting to know and follow your products. Ignoring these threats will exacerbate the problem, possibly leading to a suspension.

Our legal team will not only ensure that these sellers are identified and reported, we will go the distance by making them pay up for any damages done to your business. How’s that for safety and convenience?

  • Counterfeiters/Hijackers

You can sleep safe knowing we’ll be keeping a sharp eye on similar product listings, and making sure they are reported the moment they show signs of stealing your original idea. This ensures you’re maximizing the profits from your creativity and hard work.

Key takeaway on Amazon suspension appeal service

Getting an Amazon suspension appeal service is an investment in the security of your business. While it’s not guaranteed, it’s a precaution for the rainy days where you’ll find your account getting suspended out of nowhere, and you’re suddenly cut off from the market. Here at Seller Interactive, you can rest easy knowing that your business is in safe hands. We have years of experience and expertise dealing with Amazon, as proven by our vast number of satisfied clients. Talk to us today at!

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