Our Story

Born in Ha Noi, Ecomstone has become the city’s leading digital marketing agency in eCommerce intelligence, sales optimization, and marketplace management.

We have sold in many different categories and stumbled upon hundreds of pitfalls and hardships of selling on Amazon. We have learned how to rank as quickly and cheaply as possible, how to get raving reviews that are 100% compliant to Amazon’s TOS, how to get listings back online as soon as possible when they get shut down due to competitor’s tactics, how to truly craft the most optimized listing and pictures and how to get suspended accounts reinstated.

We started by turning $5,500 into multiple 7-figure brands

Starting with a few thousand dollars in 2016, we have gone through all the mistakes possible in the world of Amazon ranging from account and listing suspensions to containers being turned away at the port. After countless episodes of ups and downs, we have emerged victorious – the combined annual revenues of our own brands have recently hit 7 figures.

We often get asked why we want to help others sell well on Amazon. Why not just keep selling more of our products?

We always respond the same way – Why not do both?

We continue to sell our own products..

But there are countless great products out there that can positively impact the masses if they are managed and marketed well on Amazon. There is a strong and growing need for authentic Amazon expertise and full Amazon account management. If we can repeatedly start and grow e-commerce brands on the Amazon platform and succeed, then there is no reason why we cannot help others do the same thing.

Over the years, we have gained much experience and expertise and developed great teams and systems to be in a position to offer great value to others. It made perfect sense for us (it’s a win-win situation) to do the tasks that we are really good at – selling on Amazon well – in partnership with physical product brands that are not familiar or adept at selling on Amazon. If your products can do well outside Amazon, we guarantee it will do well in Amazon with our help!

If you enjoy sushi, it makes more sense to hire the best sushi chef in town to prepare your meal than for you to spend 10 000 hours mastering the art of preparing sushi. Amazon is a foreign jungle with its own rules and secrets – and it takes a lot of time, effort, resources and trial and error to navigate your way successfully alone. You need a guide – someone who has successfully done exactly what you are trying to achieve!

Go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

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