Our Story

Founded in Ha Noi, Ecomstone quickly emerged as the city’s leading Cross-Border eCommerce agency, sales optimization, and marketplace management.

Our journey through various product categories on Amazon has exposed us to numerous challenges and pitfalls. Along the way, we’ve acquired invaluable knowledge, learning how to rapidly improve search rankings, secure compliant reviews, revive suspended listings, and craft highly optimized product content. Our expertise is rooted in hands-on experience, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the Amazon marketplace with finesse. Join us on this transformative adventure and let us propel your brand to unprecedented success. Contact us today to embark on this remarkable journey together.

We started by turning $5,500 into multiple 7-figure brands

Starting with a modest investment in 2016, we’ve experienced the full spectrum of challenges in the world of Cross-Border eCommerce. From account and listing suspensions to containers being turned away at the port, we’ve encountered and overcome countless obstacles. Through perseverance, we have emerged victorious, achieving seven-figure annual revenues for our own brands.

People often ask us why we choose to help others succeed instead of solely focusing on our own products. Our response remains consistent: why not do both?

While we continue to sell our own products, we recognize the immense potential for countless other great products to positively impact the masses if managed and marketed effectively on Amazon. The demand for authentic Amazon expertise and full account management is growing rapidly. If we can repeatedly start and grow eCommerce brands on the Amazon platform, there’s no reason why we can’t help others do the same.

Through years of experience, honed expertise, and the development of exceptional teams and systems, we are well-positioned to offer tremendous value to others. It’s a win-win situation for us to leverage our expertise in selling on Amazon by partnering with physical product brands that may lack familiarity or proficiency in the Amazon landscape. If your products thrive outside of Amazon, we guarantee they will flourish with our guidance on the platform.

Consider this: if you enjoy sushi, it’s more sensible to hire the best sushi chef in town than to spend countless hours mastering the art of sushi preparation yourself. Amazon is a foreign jungle with its own rules and secrets. Navigating it successfully alone requires significant time, effort, resources, and trial and error. You need a guide – someone who has accomplished precisely what you’re striving for.

Join us on this Amazon adventure and let us be your trusted guide to success. Contact us today and unlock the full potential of your brand on Amazon!

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