4 Tips to Success from an Amazon Marketing Company

Amazon continues to soar year after year, and especially during the holiday season. With people mostly staying indoors, needs and wants are purchased mainly through online stores.

Amazon continues to soar year after year, and especially during the holiday season. With people mostly staying indoors, needs and wants are purchased mainly through online stores. Amazon’s popularity shows that the eCommerce giant continues to soar the skies with billions of dollars in revenue each year.

Different reasons exist why sellers go to Amazon to sell their products. One of the main reasons would be stability of the platform and the various strategies they can employ to reach out to customers and convert leads. Along with the success of the platform comes with a focus on customer satisfaction. Investing in this will surely make your customers feel valued, and even convert some to loyal patrons.

The main contributors to the success of Amazon are their attention and dedication to their customers. Every step of the Amazon shopping experience is catered to customers. Before any other tip you’ll learn from this article, know that Amazon cares deeply about customer satisfaction. You need to make sure that your customers come out happy from every interaction with you. That’s the main tip that an Amazon marketing company will give you.

Tips from an Amazon Marketing Company: 4 Things You Need To Remember

Various strategies exist to help you achieve the success that you dream of. Read on and learn how to improve your strategies to ensure your success in the business.

Improve your email marketing

Even with the emergence of various social media platforms, email marketing proves to be one of the most powerful marketing strategies ever made! We’re assuming that most of you have received at least one email blast (or newsletter, as they’re known these days), right?

Little by little Amazon promulgated a more defined and structured email strategy. Every click, subscription, or transaction matters—take advantage of this.

To those who are completely new to email marketing, know that there are nine types of marketing emails which lead customers through onboarding processes, request for product reviews, transactional emails, and even upsells. These emails aim to turn one-time customers into returning ones.

Our tip

Product recommendations come in handy especially for sellers like you, but failing to customize it may repel your customers. If you sell stuff for calligraphy and watercolor, it would be irrelevant to see yoga mats or water bottles on the newsletter that you send out.

Try customizing your email newsletters and not rely entirely on what the suggestions are. The more you personalize your newsletter, the more your customers will feel valued.

Investing in ratings and product reviews

Various Amazon consultants recount the history of the eCommerce giant when they pioneered the review system on their website back in 1995. Product reviews are now a very popular system, with reviews popping up even on websites such as Reddit and Tumblr.

With these reviews coming into light, more and more people use positive reviews as a deciding factor on whether or not to purchase a product. This becomes beneficial for sellers like you—when customers see that your products are to be trusted, they feel that their money and resources are worth spending. According to Annex Cloud, through the product reviews and ratings that customers give, your profit increases by 18%.

But how do you get these reviews? One of the best strategies to do is to request reviews from your customers. Do this by sending out emails asking how they felt about using your product (this is when newsletters and blasts come in).

As your customers browse through their email, they will notice notifications with subject lines related to giving ratings. In order to do this best, make sure that you specify what you want your customers to do. Sending out a generic email with a generic subject just increases your bounce rate. 

While your aim is always to garner positive feedback, sometimes negative reviews cannot be avoided. Amazon consulting experts agree that the negative reviews you see are mostly unsolicited.

So what can you do to build positive reviews? Unfortunately, all you can do is to give 101% to customer satisfaction. Taking a leaf out of an Amazon marketing company’s playbook, incentivize customers to leave reviews. This, coupled with exceptional customer service, will eventually boost your product’s rating.

Build loyalty among your customers

Most of you probably know that Prime customer loyalty programs fuel the influential marketing strategies of Amazon. Its membership continues to grow, and around 25% of U.S. households own a Prime membership. Because of Amazon, the eCommerce growth in the U.S. has risen to a whopping 51%!

The rise of loyalty among customers increases the chance of attracting new customers through referrals and word-of-mouth. Moreover, loyalty programs make your customers feel rewarded every time they shop.

An Amazon marketing company would tell you that when sellers implement a referral marketing program, it increases the growth of a business. Your existing customers will likely feel motivated to tell their friends about your store and how great your services and products are. Do this by giving them coupons to use when shopping or even surprise them with sales and add small gifts whenever they make a purchase.

Create videos that feature your product

Do you know about Youtube or TikTok? These platforms continue to soar high, and especially during the lockdowns. More and more people are turning into vloggers or content creators who work with different brands. Hence, the boom of influencer marketing.

Your customers always want to see how your products are relevant to their lifestyles. A video demonstrating how they can implement it in their lives will help boost your reach and sales.

Just remember that the more authentic and true-to-life your presentation is, the more your customers will believe in the power and strength of your products and brands.

So what now?

Different marketing strategies exist because of the diversity of the great eCommerce giant, Amazon. You will see other tips on how to improve your success such as using social media, automating listings, and even improving your overall SEO strategy. Moreover, an expert Amazon marketing company will probably suggest trying paid ads to boost your rankings and widen your reach even more.

It might be a little overwhelming at first, but know that we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out and we’ll walk you through our processes to help your business get off the ground!

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