Amazon Brand Protection Solution.

Dealing with a counterfeit seller or hijacker can get expensive fast. As Amazon sellers, you’ll be facing constant challenges with your product listings. Without the necessary protection against these violators, your sales will take a huge impact, and so will your expenses. At Ecomstone, we want to alleviate these stresses by providing the support and assistance you need to protect your brand on Amazon.

Ecomstone puts up the necessary protection needed to prevent your listing from common nuisances. This includes counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers, fake reviews, and more. The quicker you take measures to avoid these, the faster and stronger you can grow your brand on the Amazon marketplace.

Close Monitoring

As sly as hijackers and counterfeiters are, they leave tell-tale indications that give them away. These can be hard to detect to untrained eyes, but not with our hawk-eyed team. Our expertise in the field and vigilance in monitoring your brand account and activities allow us to spot the presence of such sellers long before they can do any damage.

Immediate Measures

Our ability to spot dishonest business practices and the entities behind them is backed up by a comprehensive knowledge of apprehending them correctly. As soon as we’ve confirmed their presence, we immediately perform measures under Amazon FBA guidelines. We carry these out without hesitation to protect your brand while bringing black-hat practitioners to justice.

Reliable Protection

Our extensive experience on Amazon has equipped us with a comprehensive knowledge of its guidelines and standards. Given our training and dedication in delivering results that meet or even exceed expectations, count on us to be your first line of defense against any threat in the marketplace.

Secure your business’s growth with Brand Protection Services.

Protect your brand against hi-jackers.

Unscrupulous sellers on Amazon are on the rise. They’re hijackers and counterfeiters trying to resell your product and conduct business using black hat practices. Their presence threatens scrupulous sellers like you. Without adequate protection, your products on Amazon are at serious risk. To safeguard it, count on Ecomstone’s expert guidance and protection.

We believe in honest business.

Having conducted honest business on Amazon for several years now, we have mastered its ins and outs. With this comes awareness and vigilance of malicious entities that are out to make a profit even at the expense of driving other businesses to ruin.

Solutions to secure your brand.

Don’t let hijackers and counterfeiters impede your business’s growth. Defend your brand by allying with our team. We provide tactical solutions for effectively detecting threats, hence protecting your brand and securing your business’s interest.

Dealing with Amazon Hijackers.

If you’re currently experiencing being hijacked on your Amazon Listings, here are 3 tips that you could do to protect yourself away from these counterfeiters. It can really be frustrating, but sooner you prevent and resolve them, the less money you will lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to protect your brand on Amazon?
There are several ways to protect brand from unauthorized sellers on Amazon:
   >> Amazon Brand Registry
   >> Bundle your products
   >> Cease and Desist Letters
   >> Awareness of strange product reviews
   >> Custom Logos and Packaging
   >> Protection of Intellectual Property
Using these methods and resources available to you by Amazon is a great way to get started. The process and upkeep are crucial to maintaining your listings’ safety, so it’s essential to continuously keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

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